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gourd art

  oriental gourd
gourd art

oriental gourd art

Strongly influenced by the simple and elegant art of the orient, Claudette has made this style of gourd art one of her specialties. Her choice of color and design reflect her innate sense of the beauty of this culture.

  embellished gourd
gourd art

embellished gourd art

These gourds have been embellished and woven with a wide variety of natural and manmade materials such as date palm fruit stalks, dyed raffia, pine needles, philodendron sheathes, seed pods, glass beads and lots of interesting and beautiful objects to enhance the beauty of the gourd art pieces.

  modern gourd
gourd art

modern gourd art

These modern gourd art pieces would easily fit into any domestic or business environment, because of their simple and contemporary style.

  leaf gourd
gourd art

leaf gourd art

Maple and Oak Leaf designed gourds are one of Shirley's favorites. Her gourd art leaf designs are very popular at art shows and festivals. Each leaf gourd is cut, woodburned and dyed to enhance the real beauty of fall leaves.

  goddess gourd
gourd art

goddess gourd art

Goddess gourd art pieces are an unusual expression of the natural beauty of women from around the world. Much of the fine detail is woodburned onto the gourd and painted with leather dyes as well as acrylics and various finishes. Each Goddess tells a story. Look closely to see the fine detail that Shirley has perfected with each gourd art piece.

  gourd mask
gourd masks

gourd masks

Our gourd masks vary in style from Native American, African, Egyptian or from our imagination. The gourd masks are uniquely embellished using a wide variety of materials to enhance the look of each gourd art piece. As with all our gourd art pieces, each gourd mask is named individually for its unique character.

  holiday gourd
gourd art

holiday gourd art

Our holiday gourd art pieces consist of seasonal items such as embellished pumpkins, apples and pear gourds which are popular items during the Thanksgiving season; birdhouses, mini masks and small holiday decorated ornaments are all part of the Christmas theme; and sweetheart boxes are designed for Valentine's Day.

  primitive gourd
gourd art

primitive gourd art

These primitive gourd art pieces are created to imitate ancient art and cultures from around the world. We incorporate many different materials in each primitive gourd, such as porcupine quills, antler horns, feathers, gemstones, seagrass, raffia, leather and beads.

  decorative gourd
decorative gourd art

decorative gourd art

Our decorative gourd art pieces add a special sparkle to any home or business environment, with many different styles and accents.

  gourd birdhouse
gourd birdhouses

gourd birdhouses

These decorated birdhouses not only provide a shelter for birds but also become a focal point as a garden sculpture or an indoor decoration. Various designs will compliment your yard and home decor.


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